Key Goals


Changing how food is produced and consumed


Changing how food is distributed


Valuing work and improving social conditions in food and agricultural systems


Reclaiming the right to natural resources and the Commons


Changing public policies governing our food and agricultural systems

2. Build a common understanding of food sovereignty in Europe

• Ensure space for assessing, discussing, identifying differences in our movement and building consensus
• Create space for identifying the opportunities and challenges facing our movement

3. Develop a Strategy and Action Plan to strengthen and enlarge the food sovereignty movement in Europe.

• Increase linkages and convergences among different ongoing struggles and constituencies within our movement
• Build concrete, collective alternatives to the industrial model of production and consumption
• Create projects, campaigns, initiatives, strategies and action plans around thematic axes and across constituencies – from local to pan-European levels
• Increase our visibility: reach out to people, the public, policy makers and to the global food sovereignty movement
• Inspire and motivate people and organizations from all constituencies, age groups and regions to join our movement with increased focus on the mobilization of Eastern European initiatives
• Develop a working structure to maintain and ensure the continuity of our collective work after the Forum

4. Influence and advocate for policies that support food sovereignty in Europe

• Struggle for structural change on food and agriculture policies in the wider framework of food sovereignty
• Ensure that European and national policies that influence food and agriculture contribute to the fulfilment of human rights as well as social and climate justice at global level
• Contextualise our movement in the framework of the global social movements and the global food governance agenda

1. Share experiences

• Ensure an inclusive space for the exchange of good practices, skills and experiences within our movement, from community to pan-European levels, based on the main thematic axes
• Map existing initiatives